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    Hi all,

    It's been a while since I've created a thread but thought I'd give sysopt the first opportunity to help

    So I'm living out of the UK just now and I rather miss some UK TV stuff. But to get things like BBC iPlayer and Sky player I need to have a UK IP.

    When I came here first I was still registered at a UK university. They gave me a cisco VPN client so that I could access journals etc. and when I moved abroad I still had access to this and if I connected then iplayer thought I was in the UK and let me watch their stuff.

    So my question is, is it possible me to set up a system (I think it's called a VPN tunnel?) myself using my family for their network in the UK?

    Thanks in advance

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    Would this work? Has anyone used it? Is it fairly simple to implement?

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    not really

    Tried that and it didn't work so well. Video streaming was too much for the long trip that I had from the 2 end points. My client couldn't refresh fast enough with the latency etc I was experiencing.

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    slam's right: the free Hamachi VPN is too slow for streaming. In any case, your family would also have to install a proxy server on their end to make it work.
    What you need is a UK proxy. The free ones are undependable at best and a security risk at worst. If you want something safe that you can rely on, try IdentityCloaker. It works great for what you require and also provides encrypted proxy and VPN connections for several other countries. I believe you can try it out by downloading it and using "Demo" as the username and password, or you can give them something like $6 Paypal or credit card, for a 10 day trial; that's what I did.
    Best of all, it is easy to use. I like everything about it.
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