I was auditing my bills and it turns out that I have gotten overcharged in June & July of 2010. The price of my basic cable + HSI before that was about $70 a month but in those two months spiked to $109 & $114, respectively. I got on the phone today expecting to be able to get a refund or future credit. No such luck. It was explained to me that during June 2010 my promo period had ended, so the cost went to the regular price. Somehow after July my monthly rate went to $54 a month downgrading to basic basic cable + HSI. It was explained to me that I am on a 12-month internet promotion period which will end on July 29, 2010 for $35, plus taxes, fees blah blah (so $54 total). She says after that, my rate will jump to only $10 (yeah like I'll believe that when I see it). I'll bet it jumps to almost double my total price.

If Comcast thinks I'm going to let my promo period expire and wait for the upcoming price spike, they got another thing coming. I may live in an area that only has Frontier (no AT&T, Verizon, SureWest, etc) but Clear 4G has just moved in on Oct 2010 and I'm willing to give them a shot. I just hope it works w/ OOMA so I can maintain my VOIP. I'm going to give Clear 4G a shot. It couldn't be worst than Comcast. At least I can lock in for a long 2 year period w/o the price changing during that time.

The amazing thing is that Comcast believes they are doing us a favor by giving us these promo periods (3, 6 or 12 months long), but these unpredictable price spikes afterwards can get CRAZY.