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Thread: ASRock G41C-S & blue screening

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    Question ASRock G41C-S & blue screening

    Hi Guys,

    Trying to set up the above as new PC, but keep getting an array of BS errors using the following:
    ASRock G41C-S motherboard
    Intel Q8300 processor
    Geil Value 2 sticks of 2Gb PC3-10660 CL=9-9-9-24 & 1.5V (GV32Gb1333C95N)
    (chips on single side only)
    Mobo manual says to change jumper if 1333 ram is used which I have done, but then changed back cos it didn't work! Apart from that, the BIOS settings are as default.

    Board wouldn't install Win7 HP 64bit, so I removed 1 stick and then it was fine and installed Win7 no problem. I then changed the RAM sticks over and it still appears fine, but won't take both sticks together.

    I have also run both sticks with MemTest more than 1 cycle and both are fine.
    The PC boots, but falls over when the Win7 logo is on and coloured bar is going across the screen.

    Do I need to change something else in the BIOS? If so what?
    Any help appreciated cos I'm tearing my hair out here


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    The sticks are not close enough in manufacturers specs. We have seen a lot of post just like your because of it. Sorry!

    Best bet, buy a matched set and replace what you now have.

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    Matched sets are recommended these days because the Motherboard are so much more advanced and tend to be picky.

    Always best to go to the Manufacturer's website and look up recommended memory.
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