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Thread: home humidifer issue---

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    home humidifer issue---

    has anyone experienced this issue---

    have a walmart ("Relion" brand) home is a "cool mist" version.

    very simple operatrion: there is a large palstic bottle with a valve which opens and fills a small plastic cup-like structure with its water. A fan then sucks the evaporarting water into its chamber and expels it from a front vent.

    very simple--but---mine is not emptying the water evaporating the water????

    the fan is working fine (spinning/creating vacume to "suck uo" the evaporatring water)--the vents r all open..air is being correctly blown out the front etc.

    cant figure out WHY the water level in the supply tank is not reducing..seems as if the water is not evaporating???

    Ran the thing for 15 hours with NO reduction of water in the wupply tank observed...

    very strange since it should be working normally.....

    any thoughts/suggestions??


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    Is there a heater under the plastic cup-like structure?

    Maybe the valve is stuck or plugged up. Seen that enough times.

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    Reply on another site pointed to a review on WallyWorlds web site:

    I bought the Reli On Humidifier Model RCM-832N about two months ago. This humidifier does not humidify at all. The problem is the plunger that is attached underneath the fillable tank (upper half). In order for water to gradually flow out, it needs something to push in the spring loaded rod inward in the bottom half of this unit. But guess what? There is nothing at all at the bottom half of this unit to activate this plunger. And since the bottom half of this unit was designed poorly, it cannot hold enough water to humidify any room. There is less than 1/4" clearance at the bottom of this unit. "How can you fill up the bottom half including wetting the filter when it all leaks out through the vent in the back?" When I first filled the tank with water I thought that it would somehow magically activate the plunger to fill the bottom half just enough to wet the filter and from there humidify the room. "Boy, what big fool I was for beleiving that!" After two months of using this unit, the water level in the water tank has stayed exactly the same! And beleive me; the air in my room is so dry, that it makes me get nose bleeds almost every day. Bottom line is; this is an incomplete humidifier. It needs to be redesigned.

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