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Thread: 1394 issue....

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    1394 issue....

    Well really it is basically "I can't get an ip address on the NET Adaptor. Its the TI IEEE 1394 using a Microsoft driver.....I can get the vers if neded.

    I got a new SATA drive, loaded XP home....cause that's what I have and the hardware is of that era. It's a Comcast Motorola modem and before my new HDD and OS I could connect just fine....even the very first time. this time all the trouble shooting me and the Comcast tech could do would not get it to connect. I never show an IP, and it will not show up in the ipconfig request.

    I'm guessing that somewhere along the way in the past I updated that driver and it is apparently required to lock onto the modem....I don't know!

    I have some new drivers from ubrain. we'll see what that does. I also found a fix hootus from Microsoft....a KB yada yada sumum related to the 1394 and sp2 or later....which is what was on my OS CD. I'll try that too.

    I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks

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    That's a firewire adapter, not your network card. You're barking up the wrong tree.

    You need to check your network card settings.

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    IEEE 1394

    The TI says Texas Insturments

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