Excel 2003

I have a spreadsheet that I want the values in Column R to equal the values in Column J but only if there are certain values in Column E. Below is the formula that I concocted while works halfway. It inserts the letter/number "J7" in Column R if the values in Column E match the formula but I want it to insert the VALUE in Column J7, not just the word "J7". I've gone over and over it and it's probably something really simple that I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?

=LOOKUP(E5,{"Coronado","San Diego","Poway","Mira Mesa","Sabre Springs","La Mesa","Chula Vista","Carmel Valley","San Pedro","San Elijo","Del Mar","Santee","El Cajon","La Jolla","Spring Valley","Alpine","La Verne","Oceanside"},{"=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7" ,"=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7"," =J7","=J7","=J7","=J7","=J7"})