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Thread: win 7 partitions

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    win 7 partitions

    I have a win 7 64 bit os which came with the drive partitioned. Half as the c and the other half as the d drive. For me thats fine, I will keep an eye on things and manage where data goes and that kind of thing. But my daughter just bought a win 7 64 bit laptop and it came partitioned c, d and e. The d partition is for recovery data. Thing is she would never manage the drives. If the c drive filled up she would not know to go to the next partition.
    So my questions are why do the manufacturers do this, is there a practical reason? Should I resize the c partition on her machine to eliminate the e drive? Thanks for your help.
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    If she throws everything into my documents folder, move it to E:\ and she should be OK.

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