I have a computer where Microsoft Word XP is giving me issues. The computer is a Dell Latitude D830. We are using Windows XP and Office XP. This is the onyl computer that has the issue.

I open any word document. Word works fine.

If I open a document, start a new blank document, open a second existing document - word freezes 50% of the time.

If I select multiple files in explorer and open open them all at the same time word freezes 50% of the time.

If i am working in one or more documents word randomly will freeze when I try to open more documents - new or existing.

The word window will alternate between being the selected foreground window and a background window. It looks like the focus is being changed from windows to window but word is the only program with a problem.

I have removed office and reinstalled which only made the problem go away temporarily. I have formatted the computer an reinstalled windows. The problem is consistent.

Any ideas on what to try would be welcomed.