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Thread: heatsink replacement problem

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    Unhappy heatsink replacement problem

    hey guys,

    You will have to forgive me, I'm a little light or out of date on the lingo... been out of the game for a while now...

    I got this:

    And you can see, hes a 50dBa screamer, sucks for netflix.

    I want to replace it but the black plastic around the perimeter is mounted to the mobo. Also the retaining metal wires/rods are part of the black plastic mounted on the mobo. The black plastic and the cu hsf and fan are two sep parts.

    I'm looking to replace this with a bigger QUIETER hsf, and I can't find anything compatible with this mount. ... would prefer to not have to remove the mobo and snip off all the retainers for this current hsf...

    What is this thing? a low profile rackmount hsf? am I only going to find similarly loud and small solutions?
    System now:
    1.8ghz northwood. (will pin mod to OC later)
    568MB DDR1 at 200mhz
    Sapphire Radeon 9500 np
    16GB 15k scsi if i can get it to work
    160GB wdc RAID 1

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    That ise a 60 mm fan turning 6000 rpm and yes they scream. Replace it a 80 mm.

    I would probably end up with something like this.

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    What MB are you running? Is it a 1U or 2U rackmounted server? If you need a low profile s478 heatsink, it'll be slim pickings.

    If you just replace the fan, you may need to get a 60 to 80mm adapter as well. It's hard to say it will even fit in the case since you only provided the heatsink info.

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