Hi all. I work at a small company w/ 15 windows PCs connected to a Cisco 876 router and a Linksys SR2024c switch. IT guy quit without giving notice, and I am the most technical guy in there (advanced home user for 15 years) so I must "take over temporarily".

As a start I want to connect to the router so that I can issue some IOS commands (I know some basic IOS stuff). But I cannot connect through the LAN: I try ssh and/or telnet to the router's IP (from a PC within the LAN) but I get "transport endpoint is already connected". Is this the wrong way to connect to it? I've only done this at home machines in the past so I do not know any other way than shh/telnet to the IP .

In the router's manual ((http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/rout...html#wp1015799) it says I must connect to the router physically through the console port to a serial port on a PC. I have never ever seen that before (serial connection in 2010?) so I am not sure I understand it correctly.

Can anybody help?