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Thread: Fn key on keyboard

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    Fn key on keyboard

    can you tell me if there is a way to fix the Fn key. It is doing the oppisite of what its suppose to. On the lap top, the Fn key is blue, and the letters on the right side of the keyboard all have numbers in blue, now when you type the letter, the number shows up but if you hold the Fn key down, then the letter comes up.

    On my other computer the back arrow wont work. Its not just a certain website but its all the time, no response at all. I have to go to the arrow next to it.

    If any one can help with these two problems I would be so grateful!

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    You can try reseating the keyboard. I would normally suggest testing with an external keyboard, but they don't have the same Fn keys.

    As for the second system, try swapping keyboards to verify if it's the keyboard or something else.

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