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Thread: Zune upgrade fail on Vista 64 SP2

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    Zune upgrade fail on Vista 64 SP2


    Since Zune support has not been able to help me. I thought I would see if someone can on these boards ...or some other board you might recommend.

    I get the following error when trying to upgrade my Zune software:


    Setup must stop because the required package 'Zune' didn't install.

    Error code: 0x80070643

    The link to Microsoft does not solve the problem.

    Additionally, I have searched Zune support forums as well as MS KB articles for the error code:0x80070643. However, those solutions listed( there are many users with this problem), has not solved my issue.

    I contacted MS Zune support directly, once last week and again today. Case number is 1126649773. No one has been able to correct the error code.

    We have done the following:
    - removed current Zune
    - downloaded and run the Zunepackage.exe from Microsoft (still get exact same error)
    - used Unzoone (no help)
    - placed registry key of DisableRollback in register (no help)
    - even created another user account and tried to install Zune on that account (still got same error)

    I am out of options.

    However, I do have a Zune log file that creates itself while the package is trying to install. It would seem to be very helpful as it may tell one where Zune install is hanging. But, when I asked Zune support today if they would like to see a copy of it they said

    Copy of the log file is attached.

    Thank you in advance for any help or recommendations... At this point my Zune is an expensive paperweight.
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