I bought an Acer T-180 a long while back. I've put better components in it over time, but it's at that point now where it don't cut it so I'm prepared to break it. It has some sort of proprietary Foxconn MCP-61S board in it or something like that. I was wondering if anybody here has experience flashing a Foxconn (non-Acer) BIOS or other modified BIOS on this board that would unlock some settings so I can try overclocking the AMD X2 BE-2400, RAM timings, etc. I've read plenty of different things on the internet, but I was hoping somebody here has actually done it and could provide some good direction and learnings.

Acer T-180 modified
Gaming Case from my old Socket 'A' system
Modified PS from my old Socket 'A' system
Dell 24" 1080P
ASUS Geforce 9600GSO
AMD X2 BE-2400