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Thread: Ergonomic keyboards, mice/trackball input needed

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    Ergonomic keyboards, mice/trackball input needed

    Of late my hands are having more difficulty with work & play. None of my input devices are ergonomic.

    1. Keyboards: which are the better ergo-keyboards that you use?
    2. anyone have special affinity to trackballs? I have an old Microsoft optical trackball that I'm breaking out of the closet, but are there better ones out there?
    3. anyone use any special ergo-friendly mice?

    Lastly I point out for home use I'm getting the OCZ neural input mouse (brain mouse thingie) in a few days with a grounding wrist strap.
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    Course you know there are "rules" on how any keyboard or mouse should fit so to speak. You chair seat should be a certain height off the floor and be relative to the height of your desk etc...

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