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Thread: What are you using for Firewall software with XP 64-bit?

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    What are you using for Firewall software with XP 64-bit?

    For work related reasons I need to use xp 64bit and even though the compatibility sucks for xp64, i need something for firewall and anti-virus protection..

    Looks like norton doesnt support it, and zone alarm doesnt look good either...

    wondering what you guys use?

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    if you use pfsense, you wont need anything else

    that firewall is amazing, at par if not better than most professional corporate firewalls, but you can run it even on any old i386 machine.
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    Avira AntiVir free supports Windows 64bit . Although Comodo's CIS includes an decent AV , AntiVir is better and works well with Comodo's Firewall and Defense+ . For free the combo is very good protection.

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    Symantec Endpoint Protection...
    Tired of the old Corporate Edition, this does so much more and leave less footprint and uses less CPU...

    I'm back in favor of their products after a little hiatus from them.

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