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Thread: No Task Bar - No shortcut icons!!

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    No Task Bar - No shortcut icons!!

    Using Dell D620 OK for 3 years - no real problems. In last 2 - 3 months, after XP Pro loads up, I get standard Windows Blue screen, but 50% of time - no task bar and no shortcut icons appear - however long I wait!
    I can force shortcut icons by entering Ctrl-Alt-Dlt and using Task Manager - File and enter Explorer.exe - but not all my applications open on Task Bar - such as Intel ProSet/Wireless.

    I have to resort to using Task Manager to 'Restart' or 'Shutdown' OR hard shutdown and start again - with similar success (or 'lack of success') rate.

    Have checked for viruses (ZoneALarm) - none, re-installed Dell BIOS (Version A10), run Malwarebytes - no problems detected.

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Have you checked if this occurs in Safe Mode?

    Have you tried a System Restore?

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    See this link for some utilities that may help fix it:!.htm
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    Using Regedit, check the following:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon "Shell"="explorer.exe"

    Sounds like your Shell is missing. I had this problem a few years ago
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