Well this is probably the 9,645st thread about this topic but mine seems to be that much more difficult and weird.

So like everyone else I just bought a new computer with Vista 64bit already installed and after months of giving it a chance Im disgusted with its RAM performance especially compared to XP, and since im a 3d graphics artist this is HUGE for me and no way around it.

More specifically I have a Dell XPS630
Dual Core 3ghz Intel Processors
512MB SL 9800GT Nvidia GeForce Card
Windows Vista 64bit SP2

I just bought a fresh brand new copy of Windows XP 64bit with SP2 which wasnt too cheap, and a floppy drive to boot. I also shrink volumed 200 gigs off my original 500 gig HD so i could have a Dual boot setup. The letter path has been changed to C accordingly too, so I thought I was ready...

Now ive read many of the threads relating to this big problem and have followed the steps. Im having the issue that a lot of people seem to have when I try and install my XP 64bit OS, everything is fine UNTIL i get to the "Starting Windows" prompt after all the other drivers have loaded, then BLAM Blue screen of death.

I tried locating the SATA 'autodetect' feature in the BIOS, and my BIOS doesnt offer that capability of turning it off or on, just autodetects the drive's hard drive space (500GB). So no good there.

So then I downloaded the SATA driver for my hard drive from the Dell Driver page (at least the closet to my exact model, model number for mine wasnt listed on Dell's site for SATA drivers). Then I uploaded the driver to my Floppy External Drive, ready to install in during the Windows Driver setup process by hitting F6, right?...

Well to no avail, I cant even get a response when I hit F6 when it prompts me "If you want to install a third party Raid...." The keyboard works fine, all the other F keys work, especially since I have to hit F12 to get to boot options and F2 for BIOS.

I feel like I got a curse or a bum dell machine somehow, since I cant see anyone else with my little roadblock. Never had an issue with the machine at all (had it 6months and still have warranty)

If i cant get the F6 prompt to even act at all, is there anyway to get my SATA drivers onboard so I can get XP to install?

Im getting pretty peeved at windows after 13 years of solid backing from me...

Anyone who helps me fix this issue and has a paypal account can expect $30 bucks from me for sure, thats nothing considering how this is holding up my workflow and freelance work!