When installing Windows 7 (e.g. Home Premium), is it possible to install onto an existing partition or does the installer insist on taking the whole hard drive? I currently have three partitions:

  1. Windows Vista Home Premium (NTFS)
  2. Ubuntu 9.04 (Ext3)
  3. Storage (NTFS)

I'd like to get rid of Vista (who wouldn't!) and replace with Windows 7, but keep the remaining partitions untouched. I don't mind if Windows 7 replaces the MBR with its own boot-loader - I know how to re-install Grub* - but I don't want it to re-write the partition table. Is this possible?

*As an aside, will the Windows 7 boot-loader let me boot into Linux? If not, is there a nice, graphical alternative to Grub that will boot Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux kernel 2.4/2.6?