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    blue star

    This system had MS Office 2000 premium installed (legal copy). I (stupidly) purchased a copy of Office 2007 Pro on ebay. Uninstalled Office 2000 - Installed 2007 and I got a Blue Star on the task bar. When I open the Blue Star all writing (including 2 buttons) is in Chinese. I uninstalled - reported it to ebay - returned it - got my money back and the guy was kicked off ebay. Now my problem. As I said, I uninstalled the fake Office 2007, ran Ccleaner and Glary Utilities, removed all files under Program Files/Microsoft Office, cleaned again and ran a full virus scan. The Blue Star was gone after I uninstalled 2007. After all this I reinstalled my legit Office 2000 and the Chinese Blue Star re-appears. Any suggestions? Thanks

    system info:
    Asus A8N-E
    Opteron 180
    2gb PC3200 DDR
    XP Pro SP3
    Radeon 3800 (512mb)
    Western Digital 300gb SATAII
    Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240-S
    650W psu

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    Start by visiting and click on Validate Office. That should clear the OGA Notifier cache and analyze the new installation of Office to ensure it is genuine and that it validates.

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