Don'y know if this is the right place or not.
I have an mpeg movie my grandson-in-law took of me on my stairlift to ilustrate what is wrong with the darned thing and to shake the repair man out of his complacency.
I have the file in my PC where Ben left it and I managed to make (what I thought was) a CD to send to the guy.
It plays on my computer but not on a friend's computer. When I look at the CD there are 6 folders, CDI; EXT; MPGAV;PICTURES; PLAY & VCD.
In the MPGAV is a file AVSEQ01.DAT which wil play on my machine using Windows Media Player. On her computer it says the PC will look for an app. which will play the DAT file. Nothing found and that aplies to her laptop also mine.
All I want to do surely, is to copy the MPEG file on to a CD? If so how?
Of course, you'll tell me NO that's no good. So any idea what I must do? I know nothing about movies though apparently I have a Digital Camers (Sony) whih can take MPEG.
What an old duffer I hear you say. Easy peasy! Well, not for this old geezer.