hi, i'm looking fior drivers for my dell dimension 4550 desktop computer. it's chipset is an intel
brookdale i845PE, it's network controller thing is a 8256 2ET/EZ PHY, and the OS is a windows xp home service pack 2 with pentium 4A 2400 MHz. I am trying to get the drivers so that i can
access the internet on it however i cannot find them anywhere. I do not have an xp disk so i am
kind of screwed on that front as well. We have a ghost instalation according wardD, who is
helping me, of the ethernet controllers and PCI's/PNP's.
I am also ward's nephew who had an account by the name of John Crighto, however that
account was lost and i could not get the proper passwprd to work so i beleive it was hacked, so
i made this one. I do not know if this information will be enough to help me with, however i will greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me. thanks in advance.