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Thread: Plug&play detect par port as LPT3

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    Plug&play detect par port as LPT3

    I've to supply a parallalel port card for PCs that donīt have printer port on board. The card is detected and LPT3 is assigned by default, but we need LPT1 to be assigned, the setup process is made using microsoft RIS unatteded installation process, and not human intervention is permited by the customer, and unattended customer scripts could not be modified, so the only think i'm permited is to work with the parallel card driver. So my question to experts, could I modify the .inf file to force executing a command at the end of driver installation, modify something on the registry or run a command on reboot to force using LPT1, the card support a command line like setup.exe -s1, that force to use LPT1.

    If I go to the device manager I can change the port to LPT1, but the customer don't want it to be done mannually.


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    Check the BIOS settings. LPT1 port may be disabled. The mobo may have options for an onboard LPT port but it isn't installed.

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