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Thread: Workgroup not displayed

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    Workgroup not displayed

    On a Networked PC when trying to View Workgropu Computers, message "Workgroup is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the Administrator of the Server to find out if you have access permissions.
    The list of Servers for the workgroup is not currently available"

    This resource was available until recently
    The Company have approx 20 PCs, most in "Workgroup" workgroup, the company uses a NAS storage device & I backup from the NAS onto a Workgroup PC

    I can Ping other devices in the Workgroup

    If I change the PC I connect to to workgroup "MSHOME" & restart it displays all PCs in MSHOME workgroup but trying to display Entire Network shows all workgroups except "Workgroup", there are 4 different workgroups on the Network

    thanks for all Ideas

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    If you want them all to see each other, you need to use the same workgroup name.

    20 computers and you're not using a domain?

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    Workgroups are not recommended for more than 10 PCs in a group (if I remember correctly).

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    Any more than 10 users in a network and you definitely need to look seriously at domains. Windows XP has a 10 concurrent connections limit which will cause problems if you need to share files and resources. You will also find administration a nightmare managing multiple instances of the same account on multiple computers.

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    Peer-to-peer Network can accommodate only 10 concurrent connections (groups names are irrelevant to this).

    Your solution resides here,
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