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Thread: Free up disk space in vista??

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    Angry Free up disk space in vista??

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knows how to free up disk space in vista . I supposably have a 320 gb harddrive installed but when I go to my computer it says under Acer (C) 214gbs free of 288gbs . Then when I go to defrag it says: Select all disks , Acer C, or PQSERVICE. there are those three choices when you go to defragment the harddrive. The computer is an Acer Aspire, which came with no recovery disks. Luckily though I get to upgrade to windows 7 when it comes out, Acer is going to send the disks. I do not know whats up with this harddrive though, maybe too many restore points?
    Any help appreciated.

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    If your system didn't come with restore discs, then there is a recovery partition. You can create restore discs from that. The recovery media creator would have been one of the first screens that popped up when you first booted the computer.

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    "214gbs free of 288gbs" , means you have 214 gb free space.

    PQSERVICE is Acers version of a hidden recovery partition. Newer pc's usually have a recovery partition or allow you to create a set of recovery CD/DVD's , as MK noted. Check your manual.

    "Select C" to defrag the main partition where Vista is installed. PQSERVICE does not require defragging.

    You can open My Computer > right click C: drive > select Properties .. to view the drive properties and confirm free space.

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    The 320GB sized hard drive is before partitioning and formatting. You get 288GB after all that is complete and Windows is loaded.

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