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Thread: Next Step on Dead PC was post here

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    Unhappy Next Step on Dead PC was post here

    MB: ASUS Striker Extreme
    Graphics Card: EVGA GTS8800
    Memory: Ballistix DDR2 800Mhz
    Case: Antec Dual power supply

    History: System has been running fine for over a year. Lately it has required multiple resets to boot up. Eventually that ended and I get no post. Did some of my own research narrowed it to what I thought was the MB. Worked with ASUS over the phone they had me RMA the MB. Upon return same problem.

    Status Que: MB is outside of the case. 1 RAM stick in slot (1) ~tried others. Have tried graphics card in both PCI slots. Checked PS operation using an Antec tester I bought looks clean.

    Symptoms: No Boot, No Post and have a short while the system self powers down.

    Thoughts? Thanks

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    "have a short while the system self powers down" <<< explain further.

    Is there any sign of power, ex. led lights, fans running, psu fan, etc. ?

    Have you tried the video card in a working system ? You just need to see it post.

    The Antec tester is not always conclusive. You should try another psu to see if the board will post.

    Sometimes the Clear CMOS jumper is shipped in the Clear position, so its worth a check.

    Do you have another board to test the cpu ?

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