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Thread: Gateway Augsburg 915G Motherboard wont boot

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    Unhappy Gateway Augsburg 915G Motherboard wont boot

    so i have a gateway 5200XL with a Gateway Augsburg 915G Motherboard w/ PCI & 1394 4000966. it has 521 mb of ram 2 dvd drives and an intel pentium 4 with HT technology. for some reason the darn thing wont boot. when i plug in the power supply all i get is the mobo light. no fans, nothing. whenever i press the power button, once again, nothing. any clues as to what my problem could be? i already checked the power button and HDD lights but idk if theyre in the correct position. i also cant find any documentation on that mobo. any help is deeply appreciated.

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    It could be either the power supply or the mobo.

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    Is the socket you plug the power into loose?

    Power supply has gone bad and is not putting out right.
    Battery is bad.
    Now if the power socket is busted, you need a new motherboard.

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    Check for bad caps on the motherboard. If they look OK, change the Power Supply Unit.

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