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Thread: Is there a way to put monthly bandwith limits on a MAC adress?

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    Is there a way to put monthly bandwith limits on a MAC adress?

    My mom just bought a new house, and we want to install a wireless router which is not bought yet, but we want to offer the internet to the people that rent upstairs, but we don't want to get raped by overcharges if they decide they leave a torrent window open 24/7.

    So before buying a wireless router, is there one that will permit me to somehow manage the bandwith used by different users? Obviously it shouldn't be limited for us.

    It could be some other way than with mac adresses, could be with some kind of user account or something. What do I need to look for?

    Thank you!

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    Not for free. There's apps out there for managed switches/routers, but they're mainly aimed at hotels, airports, etc.

    You can limit bandwidth per mac, and some other means. It depends on what router you have. If it's got a linux-based OS, but you don't see offerings in the oem firmware, you can try or tomato. Most non-enterprise home/small business firmwares are limited in their offerings, so they can upsell.

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    Check the terms of service for her ISP provider first. You mom would be liable if they found out she was providing an open connection to another family. She would also be liable if they were accused of downloading copywrited content (movies/MP3s).

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