I've been having a problem with Windows Update for some time and I always get one of two error messages, either one reporting an unknown error (the code doesn't seem to have an entry in Microsoft KB) or one telling me I don't have admin rights, which I do. (I am the only user on the machine, apart from the guest account.) The first message generally comes up the first time I try Windows Update and the second one generally appears on subsequent attempts.

I have searched for solutions to this and have tried various things, including:

  • Stopping some services (I don't remember which ones) and deleting the update folder from c:\windows.
  • Unlocking the "super-admin" account and updating using that. (I still get the "no admin rights" message when I do this.)

Are there any other things I could try?

[I'll try to add the error code I'm getting to this post at some point but, as I said, it doesn't seem to yield any KB results.]