I would like to know if anyone knows of a workaround to load Vista on another computer from the recovery disks.
My HP computer broke and it went out of warranty. I determined that it was a bad motherboard. I bought a new motherboard but it was too large, by a few mm, and didn't fit on the screw holes. I bought a cheap new case and transferred all of the hardware from the HP case to the new case and installed the new motherboard. I reformatted the hard drive and put Win XP on it. It works great now.
One problem now is the Windows activation has elapsed. HP sent me recovery disks (with Vista) but won't load because it doesn't recognize the motherboard (I guess). The error message is that "It is not an HP computer anymore". How can I put the Vista O/S from the recovery disks back onto the hard drive?
Or I can just wait for Windows 7!