Sadly, my third fastest PC (XP3200+ on NF7-Sv2) has been having serious issues for awhile. I decided that instead of putting any money into that old beast I'd be better off to just go for the gusto.

So here's what I bought --

Ci7 920:

Corsair 3x2GB PC12800:

MSI X58 Pro motherboard:

Vista SP1 64 bit Home Premium:

a cheap Lite On burner (had a $25 credit to burn):

Card reader-panel-thingie:

I'll use my Visiontek Radeon HD 3870 OC, 320 GB Seagate SATA hard drive, Antec Super LANBoy case ( ), 20" LCD monitor & other peripherals. I use a 1TB NAS ( ) for storage which still has 449GB free so I can easily get away with only having 320GB on that PC. Doing this makes my aging top dawg C2D E6400 have to regress back to use the old 7900GS but for the 9-3 year old games I still like to play that works just fine. If I ever need more GPU power I could just move that Radeon back to the C2D & get something else.

*sigh*. I'm just glad I could help out the economy...