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Thread: auto FTP script -- connecting without password in script

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    auto FTP script -- connecting without password in script

    howdy folks,

    I have an XP system at work that has a batch file to do a simple task --
    * copy files to a network drive
    * ftp files to a linux server

    <do some DOS commands here>

    echo something something > ftp_script.txt
    echo username >> ftp_script.txt
    echo bin >> ftp_script.txt
    echo put xxxx >> ftp_script.txt
    echo bye >> ftp_script.txt

    ftp < ftp_script.txt

    I've noticed that the script *does not* contain the password. It's gotta have a password but I don't understand where it's getting it. I read somewhere where it might be storing it in IE.

    Anyways, anyone have any thoughts on where the password might be hiding?
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