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Thread: Device Manager Yellow ? Marks Gateway MX6421 Laptop

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    Exclamation Device Manager Yellow ? Marks Gateway MX6421 Laptop

    I have a Gateway MX6421 laptop purchased second handed and given to my children for use with basic school assignments, etc. I installed Windows XP Professional, went to Gateways website and downloaded and installed all of the necessary drivers based on the serial number of the laptop. However, after doing a serial number scan using Gateways utility, the model number listed(MX6421) does not match the outer case serial or model number(MX6425). I would guess that the mother board has been replaced with a Gateway MX6421 during a repair at some point during prior ownership. Also, I have no sound and upon further investigation using device manager I discovered that several devices are highlighted yellow with a question mark and listed under the heading "Other devices". Those devices are as follows;

    ?Other devices
    ?Ethernet Controller
    ?Mass Storage Controller
    ?Multimedia Audio Controller
    ?SM Bus Controller
    ?Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    What options do I have for correcting this problem? The Gateway drivers should have corrected the problem I would assume yet they did not. I am at a loss concerning what to do next. All help will be great appreciated.

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    Your Gateway has an AMD processor and GPU ( ATI Xpress 300M Chipset )

    Visit AMD website and download the necessary drivers from there which should include the chipset drivers and the VGA.,00.html

    * Do not forget to download the AMD processor Drivers.

    Other devices
    Ethernet Controller
    Mass Storage Controller
    Multimedia Audio Controller
    SM Bus Controller
    Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    When installing the chipset drivers, 2 of those drivers should have their drivers installed ( other devices + SM Bus controller ).
    Connect to windows update to get the sound and wifi drivers.
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    Try Unknown Device Identifier:

    It should tell you the exact devices installed not those devices that should be there based on the serial number sticker.

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