Next door neighbour has told me...... (This is the wife of the very same neighbour who while ranting at me for parking my own car outside my own house, stepped back in to the road & was hit by a passing vehicle, rendering himself even more useless & skitso than before)

Now that I think I'm far too important & (ya'll love this) I HAVE TOO MANY TOOLS..... Apparently they are Sick of sitting in their lounge & seeing me laying a lead out for yet another silly Job!

(I have removed a lil Square of Tint off my back window today so my GPS antenna can see out properly..... so I had to heat the glue a lil to aid removal of this 1" Square......)

Why your drying your car with a hair dryer is beyond comprehension

I dunno bout you, buuuuuuut........ Me thinks my neighbours are A. Loosing it B. Bored out of their trees.......

As tonight is Saturday Night ...... I know they go out for the last couple of hours at the local "Old Gits" Social club.... So off they will go at bout 9pm ...... I have a friend of mine dropping off his Bobcat at 9:30 tonight ...... Just to leave it on the grass outside my house till bout mid day tomorrow...... Then its going again....

That will have em Spewing