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    Case wiring redo chronicles

    Hello everyone, haven't posted here in a while so I figured I'd talk about what I'm up to. A few years back I bought a S939 system (Biostar Tforce6100-939) with a dual core 3800+, and overclocked it to 2.5GHz. I upgraded the 6600 GT in it to an 8800 GTS 320MB last year, as well as going from 1GB to 2GB RAM. I have a 700W HiPower PSU and a Coolermaster case, as well as one 750GB Seagate and one 400GB Caviar RE2. The system is aging but very nicely

    I decided this Saturday Id take a break from everything and re-do the cabling inside the rig. There always was something that bugged me about it, in that it was powerful and compact and all, but not really well-done from a cabling aspect. I wanted the orderly look, and supposed itd help a little with temperatures and everything. I wanted a rig that looked awesome and custom from the inside, not something just thrown together. The objective was to make this case as organized as possible, while keeping the ease of modularity. In other words, I didnt want something that looked pretty but was difficult to take apart.

    Below is a pic of the rig before. Its not all that bad, but wires are just strewn about all over the place, if you really look at it. The front panel wiring is disorganized, the front panel audio wiring slinks over the motherboard and a lot of other stuff just looks sloppy.

    Riggus Beforicus.

    The first thing to do was to take everything out so the wires could be replanned. First, I removed the HDD cage to get create some room for judging distances.

    Harddrivus Caginium.

    Okay. With that out of the way, it can be seen that the SATA wires are causing some confusion, and those other wires back there need to be pulled out of their plugs in order to reorganize them.

    Messus analyticus.
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