So my lappy is a Thinkpad T60, the last of a breed (4:3 aspect ratio IPS-Flexview screen - the choice of photographers, but hasn't been available, from any brand, since the end of the T60

I got home today from my last class around 9pm with dinner (actually, my only meal of the day) in hand, and as I set my stuff on my table I spilled about 8 ounces of oreo milkshake all over my lappy's keyboard. I shut it off, unplugged, and de-batteried it I then wiped off the bulk of it and started to take it apart.

The keyboard was so bad I just took it to the sink. As I washed it I could tell it was holding several ounces of milkshake as it took about 30 seconds before the water ran out clear. I did the same to the palm rest. In haste, I then turned it back on before fully dried and the touchpad, fingerprint scanner, and little red rubber mouse thingy were non-responsive. I took it apart again and this time dried everyting off better and tried it again. Everything works!!!

Is this the genius of the spill proof design, or could any laptop have dealt with this?

The only problem is I've got one screw left over, and one screw hole left open, but they don't go together