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Thread: DHTML (js) - Accesing through onmouseclick - permissions?

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    DHTML (js) - Accesing through onmouseclick - permissions?

    I´ve got a frameset with 2 pages on it.
    First one lists a set of files, each one should be accesed through a mouse click ... so far so good ...
    But only can be accesed those that had been downloaded from the net (!???!) Others are rejected with an error message "access denied" OR anything´s showed either, but a blank page!

    OBviously seems to be related to some permission issue , but both type has the same! Accesed and denied ones! Visitor´s permission I mean.

    Here´s the PHP code:
    echo " <td id='t$i' onclick= \"document.url= window.event.srcElement.innerText\"> i:\myfolder\mifile.htm <!-- this is innertext for the actual td tag, url to be opened --> </td>";

    Files are set in wwwroot folder ... where every file has a set of access/ deny rights.

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    try document.location.href instead of document.url.

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