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Thread: SATA & IDE drives

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    SATA & IDE drives

    Please help...
    New mother board is an Intel DQ35JO.
    I have a Seagate 500GB Sata HD (ST3500641AS) with a newly installed XP pro.
    I have a Maxtor 320GB IDE HD (STM3320620A) that has my old install of XP pro.

    I want to have the Sata as the primary and just pull the data off the IDE, eventually formatting it to be a secondary drive for storage.

    I have the SATA in SATA0 on the board.
    The IDE is in the IDE cable in the MB slot with the drive at the end of the chain. The jumper setting is CS.

    When I attempt to boot the system is goes to the "last know configuration/safe mode screen"

    In Bios it looks like both drives are there, but I can't seem to change to the HD order.

    All the internet posts say that just plug in the second IDE and it will see it. To me it seems like a boot conflict.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm a semi-novice.

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    Try changing the IDE jumper to slave and move it to the center plug on the ribbon cable.

    Or, remove the IDE drive, boot into the new hard drive, reboot and change the BIOS to boot to the SATA drive, then install the IDE drive.

    Or, buy an external USB drive enclosure for the IDE drive and plug it in to USB to transfer the data. Then you have a movable storage drive for backups.

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    You need to set the SATA drive as the 1st hard drive in the boot order. Download the bios glossary for more info.

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