Felt it might be useful to relay what i'm going through at this time.

We all seem to have fallen in love with good ole NewEgg. I know in the past, and not very recently always seem to give them nothing but five star ratings. Now, unfortunately, i have changed my mind drastically.

Remember that new video card I had ordered from some other post recently? Well, for ref, i have to send a check. I have little or no credit right now, and besides, even if i had a good C.C., the interest one pays is lost monies. I usually don't mind waiting a bit. In this case this order is going badly, from my prespective.

I mailed a check over a week ago, making sure the address was correct,postage, and enclosed said check at a local P.O.
yesterday i wrote to them for the second time,inquiring about my order, and just now got the very same reply from the same addressed gentlemen saying the same 'generic reply'. "we have not received your check yet ,but when we do, your order will be processed and shipped out" I called customer service today, and like todays world, talked to some underage girl, who i could tell ws like talking to a wall. She checked and gave the same reply. She said maybe a couple more days. I told her i'd wait if not wasted time.Otherwise, i would order from a diff. vendor. I also said after this i would not be doing any more business with them. I also relayed i had in the past spent over $2000.00 with them. Useless!

Normally i have some patience, unless i feel i am being patronized, and told the typ. if yu order by C.C. la de dah.. Some time ago, they quit 'Echeck' due to obvious issues like some dildos messing this up ,and so I am the one paying the price. Of course.

My last orders i used 'MWave and had no issues. I thought about that before using what i thought was the best outfit in the business this time. No more brother.. esp. with thier so called great customer service. On the phone , its the first boast you hear. Give me a break.
Also with MWave they got he check in 3-4 days and IMMEDIATELY, the same day sent the order out shipped., and gave very good info,pretinent data ,emails,etc..

Trust your intuition. Its there for a reason. I ignored it this time and so.., this happens. Not fair but i guess life is messed up sometimes.

I'll wait just two more days, then i will re-order from MWave. Wasted two weeks OMG. LOL