A few days ago my best friend kept asking me if his machine would play 'FarCry 2'.

I kept telling him it was only comng ot XBox 360 or PS3, and maybe PC someday. Well, i guess i was wrong. The game is going to be released for all the consoles and PC at the same time. Sometime this fall i gather.

For those of you's who for whatever reason did not find 'Crysis' to thier liking, i would guess that this game is going to be right up your alley. The format is totally freestyle in how one wants to play the game, meaning, more like "FarCry' the original, and from what iv'e seen of the videos.., no doubt its going to be a winner. Maybe even bigger then the first one.

Side note: I always wondered just how many individuals it took to make a game like this, and he says in the trailer, at around 122 or some such. Now thats a commune of game making. LOL