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Thread: best graphics card for P4 PC

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    I'm getting a new video card soon, ( 9600GT 512MB ) so i don't think its the top dog. Maybe a bad choice of words there. lol It just performs well enough for what it is. One drawback is the 12 pixel pipeliens which in todays games probably lacks the punch for visuals somehow, but I'm just saying from waht i see and play onscreen, i'm happy enough till now.
    I'd post my onscreen settings but thats useless, as then nobody would believe me.

    Of course it has little slowdowns in some phases of this game or that, and esp. in the very highest end games. TBH, i'm amazed at how well it does even now. Just depends upon which high end game we'er talking about.

    The reason i keep bringing up 'Crysis'so much is that i just love the game. Some don't and thats alright. Like ya say, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I've re-played it over seven or eight times now. ( WHATT...? ) , and four times all the way through. In the overall majority of reviews i have read from all over the net, its about one third negative and two thirds five star. Gamespot gave it a 9.5 and thats a pretty good game site. I just do NOT get may if any slowdowns in that game, other then the freeze level, which evryone does, or a bit of the final level, which si about half cenematics, and intensive as all get out. Thats when ya need the higest end V.C.'s. lol

    I also want to apologize for how others take my take on things. I understand we all have diff. rigs. and i think ones CPU, specs. and 3D settings have alot to do with it.
    Still am puzzles how gamers with like 8800GTX cards and higher CPU then me have issues?? I read another with my CPU that said just what i'm saying. It played perfect for him also. Of ocurse he had a better video card. Enough said.

    Oh, and by the way.. where did i post a reply saying DX9 and all that. Ref. please. its DX10 i read where most have issues, and thats Cryteks. issue. Marketing is not always accurate in this industry. We should all know that.

    Overall, this is why i'm getting that new card for the AA and AF and faster FPS and all the rest. I just love todays graphics and that is MY area of criticism and personal nature. it should be a huge jump up, esp the pixel shaders, bus speed, etc.. Actually, the V.C. is the only drwback in my rig. Very top notch performing right now. I'm happy enough.

    Again, im sorry i write so much and a bit misconstrued at times. I'm a nice guy and forgiving by nature.

    This is wayy.. off topic so hopefully after ya respond, if ya do, we can all go on to other topics and stick to the post here. Not fair to the poster of this thread, but i'm sure he's moved on by now.
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