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Thread: 30" Monitor

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    30" Monitor

    I have noticed that Dell has announced a 30" monitor, and some people just thinking about use it for gaming:
    Well personally I do think that too expensive for me, with that budget I can get a tv.

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    Your TV can't do 2560x1600 resolution though. Not to mention a TV of that size will never have the clarity or contrast ratio of a good LCD monitor. There is a reason that those monitors are that expensive for that size. They're completely superior to TV's of comprable size.
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    I was reading also on the 30" monitor, that you need to have the right graphics card that will support all the resolutions. I've read people are happy with it. But way too pricey for my taste...haha
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    I have the Dell 30" HC and love it. Great for gaming.
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