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Thread: Looking for updated codec (if available)

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    Looking for updated codec (if available)

    This is a tough problem. Looking for an updated audio codec for the Digisette Duo AR-496 MP3 player (bought in 2005). Company apparently has went out of business. What I need is an update so that the software used to manage the music files can read my 4gb mmc card. I now get message that says "damage found in formation of memory", then asks to format the memory, which I cannot do. Message then states "Cannot access the memory, device not connected properly or not initialized. Please try to connect again after turning on the device. It can read other mmc memory cards of lesser capacity, ex. 512mb. Is there a fix for this?

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    I may be wrong, but I doubt you need a codec, but a firmware update. A codec (code-decode) is for playing the media file not hardware (memory here) management. I would not be surprised that your device may not be able to handle more than 1024 meg or so. It's not uncommon for older devices to be limited in how much memory they can handle, regardless of how much physically can be installed.
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