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Thread: So many problems!!

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    So many problems!!

    Hey guys,
    Ok so I'm fixing my friends computer and he said it was just running slow and I ran all the normal programs. Anti-virus, ad-aware, spybot and regcure. Things to just fix up his computer. And late last night I thought I would run a defrag see if I could make it run a bit faster. So I click on the defrag and it gives me and error saying that CheckDisk is suppose to run and it had "CHKDSK /f" so I tried that in run box and it said that the C drive was locked and would I like to run CheckDisk on next reboot. I clicked yes and tried the reboot and nothing happened. So I went on google and started to search around and tried many things and alas nothing helped. So I figure I would run Trend Micro housecall to see if there were anything that my other programs missed. And one of them was adware So I selected housecall to clean all the infections and of course the was the only one that sticked and wouldn't go away. So I researched that and found out that it is a infection from smitfraud. So I got SmitFraudFix.exe and was trying to run it in safe mode. So I rebooted the computer and started Safe Mode. And as it loaded up the drivers it hung and just stopped. So I restarted and tried to run safe mode with command propt. But it hung on the same driver. But the computer boots up fine. So I figured I'd try running it in normal mode. So I booted up the computer as normal and ran the program. It went all the way through but I don't think it got rid of everything. Because I think it naking popups in my browser. Anytime I click on a link or just click on the internet explorer icon to start up my web browser I get another window opening up with either some kind of not porn but internet dating sites or sometimes just random add sites. So my mian problems are:
    -Checkdisk won't run
    -Not booting in Safe Mode
    -**** popup ads
    If anyone could lend any help or shed some light on these problems that would be great. Thanks in advance!

    The Driver it hangs on is Mup.sys
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