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Thread: Call of Duty 4

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    The 4 new maps are out...what do you think?
    I'm kickin $$$ on broadcast and creek, but chinatown and the training camp I haven't quite found my niche yet.

    See ya's in my crosshairs

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    Question about profiles...:

    I had two seperate profiles made for the sake of starting a new game, as with all the options, which i more or less understand, will unlock cheats when totally finished after you play the little plane hostage scene at the end.
    So far i have conleted the gme three times, and a couple of thing i don't understand.
    Last night i started a new game, and got up to the sniper mission, and saved and exited.
    Just now i chose that profile and picked resume, and it always goes back to the plane scene, even though i've started another game. Both profiles do this. Even with all the nice options like scene selection, and all, why can't i start at the mission i left off at? is this a quirk or the way it is?
    Of course one can completely start a new game by adding a new profile, but thats odd, when yu return the saves to that point are not there. Maybe its just the way the game works? Bummer. I just like to play games with a complete story, as COD has always done this after completing the game in its entirity. Playing a certain scene is OK, but then I suppose one can go on from there. Maybe that is how it works. You select profile and then pick the scene you were at? What if your in the middle of that mission. next time you have to replay that scene or mission?

    Can someone explain this to me?
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