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Thread: Vista max ram available for OS? and a stupid move...

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    Vista max ram available for OS? and a stupid move...

    I could probably google this but i won't.

    What is the maximum available amount of ram for the OS?

    i.e. i have 3 gigs installed (2x512 and 2x1G) running in Dual Channel

    My system sees the full 3 gigs.

    Yet certain applications, (sorry i forget where exactly i noticed this) indicate the OS has 2 Gig available. I'd imagine that's 2 gig for Vista itself, yet other applications can address memory higher than 2 gigs.. correct?

    While i'm here:

    I installed Vista Ultimate onto my HDD(s). I installed this (maybe while i was under the influence) onto 2x160 GB striped drives for a partition/drive/volume of C:\ with a size of 298 GB reported by the OS.

    I know what a stupid move. I would like to perhaps True Image the OS and restore it to a smaller striped array. Is this possible? I have read some horror stories on acronis related forums.

    thanks all.

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    The hang up is how the kernal handles the ram.
    XP = 1GGB
    Vista 32 bit = 2GB
    Vista 64 bit = 4GB

    Those figures are for optimum performance.

    Processes and Address Spaces here explain it better.

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    If that's a fairly new install of Vista, re-do it without the RAID-0. I had a striped array for a year and a half and held my breath every time the computer hiccuped at startup. The marginal extra kick in performance isn't worth the extra worry.
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