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Thread: Internal Sound Card not working...

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    Internal Sound Card not working...

    I just bought and set up a system with an ECS NFORCE4M-A Motherboard. I've downloaded all the most up-to-date drivers for the RealTek AC97 audio and still no audio device is detected on my Sound and Audio Devices Properties in the control panel. I downloaded the High Definition AC97 drivers at the suggestion of another board to no avail. I've also checked the status of the sound in the BIOS and the AC97 peripheral is set to Auto. There are only two options for the AC97 available: Auto and Disabled. I tried installing a PCI sound card to get this to work and still no audio device available even though it installed correctly. A tech support guy from the place I bought the motherboard says it's an OS issue with Windows XP. Is that possible? I'm completely lost on this...please help!!! Thanks!

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    Does the sound card show up in the device manager?

    Did you try the ALC655 drivers from the ECS website or the realtek site?

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    Make sure you have installed the latest chipset drivers. Creative and other cards are infamous for this.
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    It could be one of three things:

    1.) The sound card driver.

    2.) The sound card driver.


    3.) The sound card driver.

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    link here

    or link here

    looks like same driver for either version of mobo if you're using XP - uninstall any other driver you've tried before installing the one from the ECS site.

    and the answer the shop gave you tells you you should spend your $$ elsewhere next time?!
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    I've had this problem with several different makes of mobo with on-board sound.
    I usually take a cheap SoudBlaster card and add it in; if the sound works, it's your mobo, if not, the problem lies somewhere in your OS or BIOS setup. This takes a lot less time than looking for a driver or setup problem that may or not be there.

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