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Thread: Fedup with this :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJohn
    Two Vista boxes side by side, both with AVG. One has that stupid message every few days and the other never has. Annoying message perhaps, but turning off UAC is a really dumb 'solution.' I've used both AVG and Avast; I don't see much difference in efficacy. (My work box uses NOD32 - considerably more effective.)

    Reverting to XP sounds better every day.
    Just out of curiosity, Were there any differences between the two installs on each machine, perhaps you used a different account to initiate the install on one machine as opposed to the other?

    Do both accounts that are logged in each computer while the error pops up have the same rights?

    I'm thinking if they are asking you to turn off UAC on one box and it's workign fine on the other could be some correlation between account rights etc...

    Have you re-installed it as Admin or with Run As admin?

    I'm actually using Vista as my main work pc. Although i still need to run an XP OS in my vmware to have VPN connectivity.

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    Vista is a "Mans" OS! ....... None of this namby pamby Pinko XP here

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    Quote Originally Posted by j.m@talk
    Vista is a "Mans" OS! ....... None of this namby pamby Pinko XP here

    how is xp namby pamby when it WORKS and Vista don't..face it you just like the pretty colors in vista...

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    Please keep the BS in the BS forum. We like to think of this as a technical resource - not a playpen.

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