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Thread: Quake Wars gets golden

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    Quake Wars gets golden

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    I was a bit dissapointed by the Beta tests to be honest...
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    Played the demo some last night and its pretty good. About waht i expected, and some fun new stuff... Kind of bugged by the kidsy kind of stle and gameplay though. I really expected it to be more REAL then typ. 'Quake' 4, but that does not surprise me either...

    This game will be a romping good fun for those who like MP and lan. parties i bet.. Can't say i would spend a great amount of time playing it ... lately I reloaded the 'Desert Combat' mod from BF 1942, and all the latest from that, and like it better to be honest... Just thought i'd throw that in for comparison.. On that note, i also think i liked UT2004 for online game better also... Just my take on it....
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