I need some help... and believe me I've googled this question a million different ways and have not come up with anything near an answer...so I've come to you all.

Anyhow, I bought Madden 08 for PC a couple of weeks ago. Played it on my brothers computer and everything worked great with no problems. Installed it on my computer and now I've been running into trouble.

The game loads with no problem, however, it won't let me set up my profile so as to allow me to play with my gamepad. Initially I went out and bought another gamepad thinking that it was merely a compatibility issue, but now I'm just convinced that God hates me and doesn't want me playing Madden.

The error message that pops up is, "Cannot not assign controller for this entry." And it defaults back to keyboard.

Does anyone know a way around this? I've been dying to play ..

Thank you in advance for your help.