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Thread: Vista won't read CDRs-- wants to write them

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    Vista won't read CDRs-- wants to write them

    Whenever I insert a CDR with data already on it into either drive on my Vista Ultimate computer it will not read the files on the disk. All it wants to do is write to it. How can I turn this off so I can read my backup files on this computer?

    I can read the data just fine on my XP based laptop-- but Vista will not read any files on the disk. It sees the folder structure but does not see the files. This just started today after I burned a disk and will not go away.

    I have tried restarting the machine and no change.
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    If you get CD-ROM properties (My Computer - Right Click CD Drive) you can turn off CD-Recording for the drive on the Recording tab. This will disable the built in burning software. (If you have a thrid party app such as Roxio or Nero you can still use that software to burn.) See if you can read your CD's then. If it works, copy you data off the CD and then re-burn the discs. It is most likely a format issue with the previous CD session and the way Vista reads CD's. Onc eyou have your data back, turn CD Burning back on.
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    It could also be an issue with the firmware in the CD drive. Try flash updating it from the manufacturer.

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